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How do I apply for one of the PA Guild Fine Craft Fairs?
All applications for Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen’s Fine Craft Fairs (Spring Rittenhouse, Ludwig’s Corner, Chase and Fall Rittenhouse) are on To find the application(s), go to: Then, in the “Search by Keyword” field, type in “Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen” and click on the green “Go” button. You will see our applications there.
How do I apply for the local chapter craft shows and fine craft fairs?
How can I get directions to the Fine Craft Fairs?

On each Fine Craft Fair page, there is an address of the location and a map. To get specific directions from your location:

1. Click the red pin on the map.

2. From there you should see a small pop up box with the link “Get Directions.” Click on the “Get Directions” link.

3. Below the map you will see a blank “From” field, and the address of the Fine Craft Fair. Type your address into the “From” field and click on the “Go” button.

4. To print the directions, click on the “Print Directions” button.