Allison grew up on a rural farm and earned a BA in Art from Hood College in Frederick, Md.

She also studied Painting and Printmaking and Art Education at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond.

While a stay at home mom, Allison discovered clay in her late 30’s. She apprenticed with wood fire potters Bill VanGilder and John Thies. She immediately established her first pottery and built her first wood kiln – a catenary arch cross draft. In 2012 she relocated and built another wood kiln- a downdraft bourry box.

Her goal is to make good pots for good food.

Her pots have been included in numerous national and international exhibitions, including Salzbrand Keramics in Germany, the Orton Cone Box Show and the Strictly Functional Show here in the states. Allison has been included in numerous publications, including Clay Times Magazine; Ceramics Monthly; The Log Book, International Wood-Fired Ceramics Publication; and Salzbrand Keramics 2004. She currently makes and fires at her studio in Cascade, Maryland and teaches at the Art League in Alexandria, Virginia.