As we weave our future it’s easy to trace a path from the beginning of the PGC to our current place in history. Every woven piece begins with a single thread. This thread winds a warp that weaves throughout a piece of fabric much like our collective experiences are woven together to form the organization we are today.

Looking at photos of the PGC from years past, we can see how much the Guild has evolved. From its beginnings in 1944 when weaving sweaters and socks for the armed forces was nothing short of a public duty, to today, with active members in PA and beyond, 11 active chapters, educational offerings both at the Lancaster and offsite partner locations, and 4 vibrant PGC juried craft shows – we are a skilled group of members and friends who know the importance of making and sharing our craft with our community.

This year has been one of rebuilding both figuratively and literally. Our home office in Lancaster is receiving significant structural improvements thanks in part to a grant from the PHMC (Pennsylvania Historical Museum Commission). Our new website launched in January, our store has incorporated a new inventory system, we’re continually seeking new instructors and students, and our Fine Craft Fairs are back!! Your financial support will help us to advance the PGC. We hope that you will consider contributing to the 2022 PGC Annual Appeal.

Please consider a charitable gift of $20, $50, $100 or more to the PGC.

Whatever amount, or method works best for you, please know that your contribution is deeply appreciated, and will help us to continue creating exciting opportunities to engage you in fine craft.

Our thanks for your support of the PGC. We wish you a happy holiday season and a healthy new year.

Karen Peiffer,
PGC Board President