We encourage our active member artists to apply for consideration for inclusion in our Guild Store. Because of the high volume of applications, artists must apply online. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

All items displayed must be the work of the craftsperson of record. The PGC Standards are used as a guiding document. Prints must be limited edition. Photography must be limited edition. Accepted items must be ready for display.

  • Quality– an overall consideration of the work. Choose pieces showing your style and expertise as well as those items that are available in the Store.
  • Craftsmanship– reflects excellence and high standards of quality; a capability beyond minimal technical skills.
  • Materials– of the highest quality. Commercially made objects may not be the major part of any work.
  • Design– should reflect the function of an object where this is appropriate. Copies of another’s work, commercial kits, assemblages, or patterns of any kind are not acceptable. All work must be original pieces made by the craftsperson, and therefore, assemblages, embellishments, commercial products, or work made from commercially available kits are not eligible.

Once reviewed, artists may be contacted with questions. The review process can take 5-7 business days. Artists will be contacted regarding their application with acceptance or feedback and encouragement to apply again in the future. Accepted artists will be asked to meet by appointment and will be contacted by the Guild. Accepted art is at the discretion of the PGC. Store artists are encouraged to bring in new work every 3 months by appointment and change their inventory to offer their most current pieces. Artists are responsible for completing “Inventory Out” and “Inventory In” paperwork. Artists receive 60% of the sale price and payments via ACH deposit are sent monthly. Artists may remove their work at any time with a “Remove Inventory List” paperwork for the Store Manager.

The PGC pays artists via Automatic Clearing House payments (ACH).  ACH is an electronic network for financial transactions. Payments will be monthly as applicable, and artists will receive sales reporting via email. To sign up after acceptance, please email execdirector(dot)pacrafts@gmail with name and email address.  Please also submit a W9 either via email or mail to the Guild Store.