The Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen (PGC), in conjunction with our sister organization, Pennsylvania Designer Craftsmen (PDC), is rebooting the way we do fine craft fairs.

Every industry evolves over time, and fine craft fairs are no different. In our plans to refresh and restart fine craft fairs, the committee and the revitalized Pennsylvania Designer Craftsmen board has decided on the following:

  • Whenever possible, host indoor fine craft fairs. With more volatile weather patterns, the risk of doing an outdoor event has increased from both a safety and profitability standpoint.
  • Bigger is not necessarily better. Keep fine craft fairs well-juried and well-balanced, but the goal (and the budget) should not rely on having 125+ artists.
  • (Starting in 2025) We are considering boutique “focused fine craft fairs” – These smaller, additional events would have categories or work limited to a theme, i.e.: “Jewelry”; “Wearables and Accessories”; “Household”; “On the Walls”; etc.
  • For our primary fine craft fairs, we will now welcome fine art as well as fine craft. 
  • Sponsorships are still available, but while community sponsors can be an important source of funding, they should not be a source of distraction at the fair. We will offer advertising opportunities to our sponsors; however, exhibit booth space will be reserved for the artists.

Returning in 2024, we will continue to sponsor exceptional, juried Fine Craft Fairs in Philadelphia, Lititz, and their surrounding suburbs. These events bring our member artisans together with an engaged public, willing and capable of purchasing high end, hand-crafted items. Our Fine Craft Fairs are recognized as being among the top such events in the Eastern United States.

Upcoming Fine Craft Fairs

Fine Craft Fair – 2024 Summer Fine Craft Fair at the Foundry 48

For our Summer Fine Craft Fair, we move into the beautiful, climate-controlled, easy-to-access Foundry 48 Event Center in Lititz, PA. Located in beautiful Lancaster County and situated just off PA Rt. 501 N, this event will draw customers from Lancaster, Lititz, Reading, Chester, and regional cities such as Philadelphia & Baltimore.

Fine Craft Fair – Fall Fine Craft Fair at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center

Known locally as the “Oaks Expo,” this convention and exhibition center in Oaks, PA, is located in the center of suburban Philadelphia, attracting locals from Montgomery County and Chester County, PA, as well as New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland. The Fine Craft Fair is open to artists from across the country working in both Fine Art...