PGC wishes to offer to a small group of our members, who seek to become professional or semi-professional artisans, the opportunity to receive mentorship in a one year Fine Craft as a Business (FCB) program. The Mentor – Mentee relationship will be reinforced through professional development workshops offered by the PGC. We intend to match a PGC Master Artisan who is willing to commit to active involvement with a Mentee who has minimal experience as an exhibiting or selling artisan. The intent is to facilitate a transfer of the business knowledge and skills learned over a period of years to someone just beginning the journey of turning his or her craft into a successful and enjoyable business.

As a Fine Craft as a Business Mentor you will:
  • Initiate contact with assigned Mentee within 30 days of acceptance of the assignment
  • Meet with Mentee at least 5 times – may be in-person (at least once), email or via phone
  • Reach out to Mentee from time to time
  • Provide positive and constructive feedback
  • Share networking suggestions
  • Provide marketing advice and support for Booth design, publications, gallery contacts, Internet, etc.
  • Act as a role model – artist and business professional
  • Demonstrate good communication skills
  • Provide ongoing feedback to FCB committee chair when requested
  • Be willing to serve as a Mentor for 12 months after being matched to a Mentee
Criteria to Become a Fine Craft as a Business Mentee:
  • New to the craft circuit with less than 2 years of selling craft/art . . . no maximum age limit
  • Seeking help with promoting and selling craft/art
  • Interested in making a profit selling craft/art
  • Seeking information on how and where to sell
  • Seeking feedback from Mentor and other craft artists to improve such business elements as inventory tracking, financial processes, booth design, product photography, product display
  • A PGC member (if not a member, must join before being paired with a mentor)

Only craftsmen members in good standing may apply to be in the Mentor/Mentee program. If you are a craftsman member and you would like to be a part of this program, please click here to login to the site and return to this page.